• 3 Gallon Rotopax Gas Can

    3 Gallon Rotopax Gas Pack

    Easily mount extra fuel to your rig for added range and peace of mind

  • 3.5 Gallon FuelpaX

    3.5 Gallon Fuelpax

  • Rotopax DLX Pack Mount

    Rotopax DLX Pack Mount

  • Hitchgate™ Solo RotopaX / Hi-Lift Mount

    Mount a single RotopaX and a Hi-Lift to a Hitchgate Solo or Solo XL with this mounting kit. ***MUST ADD ROTOPAX® PACK MOUNTS TO MOUNT FUEL***

  • Hitchgate™ Dual Rotopax Mounting Kit

    Mount two Rotopax fuel cans to a Hitchgate Solo of Hitchgate Classic with this mount.