Hitchgate™ HAT2000-GK Steel Jerry Can Mounting Kit


Part Number: HAT2000-GK

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Mount 2 steel Jerry cans on UHG1060 and UHG1070 Hitchgate™


  • support bar (to mount to Hitchgate tire mount bushings)
  • 2 jerry can trays (no jerry cans included in this kit)
  • 2 jerry can straps with ratcheting mechanism
  • all necessary hardware

Tray Inner Dimensions (make sure your can will fit)–> Length: 14 1/8″ aka 14.125 Width: 7″

***Fine Print***

  • Straps are designed for steel jerry cans but *can* work with green plastic jerry can straps.
  • We are not responsible if your cans do not fit the trays.
  • The steel square tubing the trays mount on comes extra long. You may cut the tube shorter to your preference.
  • Does NOT work with HL60000 Hi-Lift Jack bolt kit. To run a Hi-Lift Jack with this kit you can choose: DAN32211 Horizontal under cans OR HLT6010 Vertical between cans.