Hitchgate™ Classic Offset


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 The Wilco Offroad Hitchgate™ Classic spare tire carrier universally fits on virtually all vehicles with a Class III hitch receiver. This swing-away, spare tire carrier mounts to any 2-inch receiver and is perfect for SUVs, Jeeps, vans and pickups. This tough tire carrier secures up to a 40-inch spare tire while maintaining ground clearance, and minimal change in departure angles when driving off-road. Release a single latch pin and it opens wide for full access to the vehicle’s cargo space. The Hitchgate also maintains the vehicle’s towing capabilities with an integrated Class IV receiver. 

Compatible with 2.5″ (Class V) receivers with available adapter sleeve.


  • Carry up to a 40-inch tire on full size trucks, or 35-inch tire on smaller vehicles
  • Compatible with most vehicles equipped with a 2-inch hitch receiver
  • Maintain access to receiver for towing and hitch-mounted accessories

***Fine Print***

  • For vehicles with tailgates 53-inches +, select the Offset Hitchgate™. Center Mount ok for mid-sized vehicles with tires under 33″.
  • Zero offset or shallow offset (high positive offset) wheels may require an additional wheel spacer.
  • 4.5″ of clearance required from center of hitch pin hole rearward for it to be compliant with wedge lock system. You may need to relocate spare tire from underneath or modify to gain the necessary clearance.

Gas/Fluid/Tool Accessories

  • Dual Red Steel Jerry Can Kit HAT2000-GK (Works on Classic and Max)
  • Dual Green Plastic Jerry Can Kit HAT2000-GKG (Works on Classic and Max)
  • Dual Plastic Motorycle/Scriber Can Kit HAT2000-RK (Works on Classic and Max)
  • Single & Centered Jerry Can Kit CM23181-M OR CM23181-P (use with DAN32211 Hi-Lift Mount only, works on Classic and Max)
  • Single Jerry Can AND Vertical Hi-Lift Mount  (2 choices)  Plastic Can HLG25663-GKG Steel Can HLG25663-GK (works on Classic and Max)
  • 48″ All-Cast Hi-Lift Jack HLJ0485
  • Horizontal Hi-Lift Jack ONLY Bolt Kit HL60000 (can’t be used with any other accessory, works on Classic and Max)
  • Horizontal Low-Rise Hi-Lift Mount aka Dan’s Hi-Lift DAN32211 (Works on Classic and Max)
  • Vertical Hi-Lift Jack Mount HLT6010 (Mounts between fuel can kits or alone, works on Classic and Max)
  • Horizontal Low-Rise Front Tube Mount HLT3x2-HG (mounts in front under tire. not compatible with LPR25676) (Works on Classic only!)

Towing/Compliance Accessories

  • License Plate Relocation Kit (Classic and Max only) LPR25676
  • 2.5″ Hitch Adapter 32190 (Allows functioning wedgelock in a 2.5″ hitch)
  • Wobble Free Hitch Extension HE31973 
  • Master Lock Non-Locking Hitch Pin 1465DAT
  • Master Lock Locking Hitch Pin 1480DAT
  • Master Lock Locking Hitch Pin Extended Length 1469DAT (recommended for 2.5″ hitches, Tacoma/Tundra/4Runner)
  • Master Lock, black weather resistant lock with key 311D