MC2X Rear Bumper


Part Number: 29331- R

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Wilco Off-Road MC2X Rear Bumper is the lightest, and strongest hard-core bumper on the market. Built with metal composite technology that combines the strength of steel with weight-saving attributes of aluminum to protect the vehicle, reduce weight, and to better slide over rock obstacles on the trail.

The MC2X Rear Bumper combines carbon steel tubular and plate construction with an aluminum alloy mid section that increases the departure angle and allows mounting up to a 35-inch tire on the standard Jeep door mount. Add the optional Single Motion Tire Carrier to the bumper to mount up to a 42-inch tire.

Metal composite technology offers high-strength and reduced weight
Protects the vehicle, while reducing weight
85 pounds for standard bumper without tire carrier
Steel slides better over rock than aluminum

Proudly made in the U.S.A.